(Last Updated On: September 8, 2016)

Chronic Care Management in Nashville

CareHarmony offers Chronic Care Management in Nashville. What is Chronic Care Management? Chronic Care Management is a program available to Medicare patients with 2 or more chronic conditions that provides various assistance with maintaining patients’ optimum health. Nashville patients consenting to Chronic Care Management will receive non face-to-face care in between appointments with their Tennessee providers. Participants in Chronic Care Management in Nashville and surrounding areas improve self-management of diagnoses, increase access to physicians, and receive education regarding their treatment plans. Outreach to Nashville patients consenting to Chronic Care Management can help provide local families and caregivers with needed support. CareHarmony’s Chronic Care Management program in Nashville maintains patient’s independence, provides valuable education, and increases utilization of Nashville’s community resources.

Independence for CCM patients

Between 2010 and 2040, Nashville Davidson’s County population of persons 60 and over is projected to increase almost 80%, from 95,204 to 171,221 (1). According to the US Census Bureau, persons with self-help and independent living needs (88,000 Tennesseans age 60 and over) rely on Home and Community Based Services to avoid unnecessary and costly nursing home placement(1). Chronic Care Management in Nashville through CareHarmony can help keep patients out of Nashville nursing homes.  Nashville CCM patients will be assessed for barriers to care and have these barriers addressed allowing them to remain in their home independently, under the care of their providers as long as possible. With well over 500 internal medicine providers servicing the Nashville community, Chronic Care Management programs (via CPT 99490) across these providers represents a significant advancement in chronic illness treatment/management and overall community wellness.

Education via CCM services

Through effective and guided CCM education, in Nashville, locals should decrease occurrence of malnutrition, poor medication adherence, and/or unhealthy lifestyles with Chronic Care Management services. Diabetic patients in Nashville enrolled in Chronic Care Management, may receive schedules and details for diabetes education classes available at Vanderbilt Eskind Diabetes Clinic and Saint Thomas Midtown to build upon tips and guidance provided by providers and CareHarmony’s care coordinators. In an article by American Academy of Family Physicians, education via CCM services allows for the following:

1. Collaborative effort
2. Medication reconciliation
3. Appointment follow-through
4. Continuity of care
5. Maximized education opportunity
6. Consistent reinforcement (2)

Chronic Care Management across communities in Nashville can provide these much needed services to help Nashville seniors better proactively control their chronic conditions.

CCM Access to Community Resources

As a result of CareHarmony’s Care Coordinators diverse methods to approach compassionate patient-centered care, residents in Nashville involved in CCM services receive individualized relief support and/or resources. Residents of the Nashville area can be directed to Metro Parks Senior Recreation Program which offers a variety of programs including visual arts, dance, crafts, and other recreational pursuits. Chronic Care Management in Nashville through CareHarmony can help patients access to a multitude of community-based resources but is tailored to each individual Nashville patient. Organizations such as Fifty Forward, the State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP), Meals on Wheels, and even Tennessee Department of Aging and Elder Services find themselves more receiving more referrals from Chronic Care Management participants in Nashville. Nashville based patients participating in Chronic Care Management through CPT 99490 can expect improved quality of life from dieting, social activity, and utilization of community resources.