Who is CareHarmony?

We are a team of engineers, clinicians, data scientists, project managers, and population health experts on a mission to fix healthcare. It's a tall task, but we're up for it. If you're up for a challenge, come join us!

Our Story

So we started with a simple question: ``What if access to fully coordinated, personalized care could be afforded to every patient, not just 1-5% of the population?`` We believe it's possible and are on a mission to make that happen.

Our Values

We believe the focus should be on the patient. Everything else is noise.

We believe in addressing the whole person, not just clinical barriers.

We believe in taking on the hardest problems, leaving a legacy behind.

Our People

Hear what our team has to say about the mission and vision at CareHarmony.
“What really drew me to CareHarmony was the core values of the company. I love the one-on-one experiences I get to have with my patients. When people realize our services have made a positive impact on their lives, they are so appreciative. I have patients who thank me for caring about them and I even have one patient who tells me she loves me before we get off the phone each month. These patient relationships are unlike anything I’ve experienced.”
-Ashley Bragg, Care Coordinator
“I enjoy the interactions I get to have with patients. Being able to help them right away is not a response they are used to hearing. Our program provides value for patients by facilitating more individualized care to help them navigate their chronic conditions. It also allows physicians to better prioritize their patient’s needs while being respectful of their time. It’s nice that everyone at CareHarmony is working toward these same healthcare goals.”
Emily Goodson, Patient Engagement Specialist
“Being able to change lives while working from home is one of the biggest things that drew me to CareHarmony. You wouldn’t think we would be able to make such an impact over the phone, but we are able to peel back the orange and understand our patients on a deeper level. That’s one of the amazing things about our program, we’re able to help patients as a whole rather than just in a medical sense.”
Kayla Caporale, Quality Manager
“Every time I call a patient, I think of them as my mom or dad. They are just the sweetest people! Reaching out to patients has been a great experience. It feels good to have a role that lets us help patients almost immediately and ensure they have that extra support.”
Lakisha Stewart, Patient Engagement Specialist

Let's fix healthcare together! Come join the CareHarmony family.

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