Annual Wellness Visits

A flexible solution to boost AWV performance and leverage it to enhance your performance on value contracts

Achieve 70% Wellness Visit
Capture Rates

Instantly boost your AWV performance with the help of CareHarmony's extensive patient engagement team. We routinely improve our partners' performance by 3X with an average AVW capture rate of 70%.
Target by Payer

Prioritize by risk state or by payer preference, such as MA patients in the first quarter (higher reimbursement).

Turn On/Off

You can turn the program on and off based on your needs. Or, select specific markets or locations that are under performing.

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AWV Results

Health Risk Assessment

Is clinical capacity an issue? No problem! The CareHarmony team can optionally complete the HRA prior to the in-person visit, allowing our partners to cut the time per AWV down from 30 minutes to 10 minutes.
HRA Placed in the EHR

The HRA will be completed and placed into your EHR for use during the visit

Custom HRAs

We can leverage our HRA or use yours. Our system is highly flexible and we can accommodate any requests.

Intelligent AWV Targeting

Annual Wellness Visits are an invaluable tool to ACOs. Led by pop health experts, CareHarmony leverages AWVs to boost attribution strategies and drive costs savings by stratifying by HCC risk quartile. As a result, we help our partners realize a 5.7% reduction in total healthcare costs, which equates to approximately $400 per beneficiary.
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