Transitional Care Management

Reducing readmission rates 10-20% by providing comprehensive post-discharge support to your patients

Capture the TCM Revenue Opportunity

If you’re like most healthcare organizations, you are missing out on the Transitional Care Management (TCM) opportunity. Not only are you missing an opportunity to better serve your patients, but you are also forgoing significant revenue. To help incentivize providers, CMS had amped up reimbursement ($281.69 for complex TCM). We CareHarmony, TCM could not be easier.
Leverage both TCM billing codes

Medicare offers two codes:
CPT 99496 (14 days) and CPT 99496 (7 days).

Bill concurrently with CCM

TCM no longer conflicts with CCM. For 2022, CMS updated this provision for FQHCs/RHCs as well. No more denials.

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Transitional Care Management
TCM Results

The TCM Process

  • Discharge

    We get the discharge notification from the hospital or SNF

  • Contact

    We reach out to the patient within 48 (per regulations)

  • Visit

    We schedule the patient for a follow up visit within 7-14 days

  • Support

    We support the patient for 30 days to avoid readmission

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