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What are the benefits?

We offer a comprehensive benefits package, including (but not limited to)...

Remote Work

Work from the comfort of your own home in cozy clothes without a commute. Score! CareHarmony provides the hardware and functionality required for your position. All you need is good Wi-Fi and we’ll take care of the rest.


We recognize the amazing contributions of our team members, which is why we provide generous paid time off with 9 paid holidays a year and 9 days of PTO the first year for hourly employees. Vacation here we come!

Flexible Hours

Flexibility is key for a healthy work-life balance. Whether a doctor’s appointment or an event at your child's school, we have procedures in place so you can make up the hours at another time. No need to miss out on life.

Medical Insurance

Choose a health plan that is best aligned with the needs of your family. Our PPO and HSA options ensure you have great coverage to choose from. Dental and vision insurance are also provided.

Career Growth

Rapid growth means tons of opportunities for promotions and career growth. In fact, many of our team members move up in the company at a faster-than-average rate. We love to see our people succeed!

Great Culture

You'll be supported by a team of like-minded people passionate about helping those in need. Working remotely can be isolating, but the CareHarmony team is a tight-knit group of individuals!

Meet the team

Hear what some of our amazing team members have to say about working at CareHarmony.
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“I have a son with cystic fibrosis, so being able to work from home was a huge priority for me. My team, my manager, and my department have all been wonderful. This is the only place I’ve worked where, even though we've never truly met in person, everyone encourages you, lifts you up and always gives you the resources you need to succeed. I’ve worked in actual practices that never treated their nurses this way. It’s been amazing.”
Ashley Hurt, Care Coordinator
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“I absolutely love this company, what it stands for, and what we do to help patients. I’ve never experienced a work culture quite like this. Everyone on the team really wants to help people. My wife and I both work for CareHarmony, which allows us to be home with our four kids. I have so much more family time, which is huge. My family life has improved tremendously. Working remotely for this company has been perfect so far.”
-Myles Goodson, Patient Engagement Specialist
“We have a really incredible team full of excellent people who push each other to succeed. Fun by itself is great, but fun in an environment of excellence and success is amazing. I believe that we can go fast by ourselves, but we can go really far as a team. That’s the team culture we have fostered here and it’s really come through.”
-Nicole Hines, PES Team Lead
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“I’ve been a nurse for 15 years. I’ve always done long-term care, skilled nursing, floor nurse work. When I started with CareHarmony, I knew this was it. This was my last first day. I’ll stay with the company until I’m ready to retire. I simply don't want to go anywhere else.“
-April Harper, Care Coordinator
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“I’ve never been in a position with such great access to management. You can have peace of mind and feel comfortable reaching out to team leads and managers. You never have to feel like you’re an inconvenience because they are always there to help you.”
-Jacquelyn Ciboro, Patient Engagement Specialist
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“What drew me to CareHarmony is how our program allows us to help in so many different ways. I’ve gotten very close with my patients and can honestly say I treat them just like I would my own grandparents. When I first started here, I was still a young nurse. Now I can say that I’ve truly started my career. I joke with my boss that she’ll never get rid of me. I absolutely love this company!”
-Molly Moore, Quality Manager
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“I was looking to work from home because I needed the flexibility for my family and my lifestyle. My husband is in the military, and I needed to be able to be around for my children. I support what CareHarmony stands for and I enjoy being able to help our patients. I love the culture of the work here and the people that I work with. Everyone is so helpful, nice, and lovely all the way around. We have such good camaraderie with each other which is really fun.”
-Teresa Mendez, Patient Engagement Specialist
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“CareHarmony is very family friendly, which was really important to me. I like that I can stay home with my stepdaughter and still push myself to hit personal goals for work. I’ve been in healthcare for over 10 years and didn’t want to lose the patient aspect of the industry. I love the patient care and getting to know these people who have so much life experience.”
-Cortney Martin, Patient Engagement Specialist

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