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The key to ACO success is no secret—the right care, at the right time. The hard part is doing that at scale in an economically viable fashion. We solve that problem. We bring an army of nurses equipped with the latest ML technology, enabling you to deliver the right interventions at the right time. And, we pay you to do it! (Yes, your CFO will love us).
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Guaranteed Profitability?
Is that even possible? Yes!

Led by pop health experts, our approach delivers immediate cost savings to get over your MSR this year, while investing in preventative care that will pay dividends for years to come. And, we offset all financial risk by generating a new line of recurring revenue leveraging Medicare-sponsored programs.
  • Enhance existing initiatives with improved targeting
  • Optimize attribution in your favor (you’ll love this)
  • Improve quality scores (by 10-15% on average)
  • Improve risk adjustment for future benchmarking

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